3PL Logistics

The use of third party logistics providers has grown dramatically over the last several years and has increasingly become an effective way to reduce costs and spread risks for traditional, vertically integrated firms.

The economic advantages of using 3PL customers / suppliers are:

  • Healthcare and Pharma
    Access to world-class processes, products, services or technologies
  • Improved ability to react quickly to changes in business environments
  • Risk sharing
  • Better cash-flow
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Exchange of fixed costs with variable costs
  • Access to resources not available in ones own organization


As customers grow accustomed to using the services of a 3-PL provider for certain activities such as transportation and warehousing, they become better candidates for a broader range of service offerings, or value-added services. Value-added services provided by SSLPL in 3PL services are:

  • Pick and pack.
  • Marking, tagging, and labeling.
  • Transportation.
  • Warehousing.
  • Packaging & repackaging.
  • Secondary distribution.
  • Product returns and reverse distribution.
  • Salvage and scrap disposal.
  • Telemarketing.


3PL is an extension of trucking, warehousing, and distribution. It is the provision of these products under one roof, with the aim of taking over some of the associated functions such as stock keeping and documentation. 3PL services also include basic functions comprising physical activities such as transportation, warehousing, line haul and the rental of material handling equipment.

However, the task of providing a full outsource solution comprising different services from one service provider is difficult. It is, therefore, not surprising that opportunities are created for 4PL service providers to assist companies in coordinating all the different 3PL activities, which are provided by different service providers.

Presently we have 3 PL services Ex-vendors Jamshedpur to Lucknow & Ex-Vendors Pune to Lucknow for Tata Motors Ltd. Lucknow.

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