Ashwin Agarwal

Managing Director

Director's Message

“It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to Safe & Secure Logistics Pvt Ltd. as we celebrate continued success since 1950.

Our Aspiration to stay ahead has driven us to explore network synergies and identify possible areas for collaboration and co-operation with Business to Business customers and partners. We ensure transparency in our business dealings with our customers

Safe & Secure Logistics has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and we attribute our incredible success to all our business associates, who along the way, have given us the opportunity to grow and evolve into the respectable company it is today. Your unwavering faith in us fuels our drive for excellence.

Our team have been our assets and prime movers in our journey towards service excellence and we would like to honor and return what we have received from them in double

I heartily thank our customers and partners¬† and team members for their continued patronage of our company and its services and hope to continue it in future.”