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We also focus on the following approaches JIT, QR, and KAIZEN (Components of Logistics Revolutions).

Just In Time ( JIT) : Just in time is a philosophy as much as it is a technique and is based upon the simple idea that wherever possible no activity to take place until there is a need for it. Essentially JIT is a Pull concept where demand at the end of the pipeline pulls products towards market and behind those products the flow of components is also determined. Under the JIT philosophy the requirement is for small shipments to be made more frequently and to meet the precise time requirements of customers. The philosophy is governed by three mutually supporting components : People, Quality Control and Flow. JIT is characterized by zero inventories, emphasis on operation from source to customer, emphasis on customer service and timing, shorter lead time, flexibility of operations and efficient flow. The advantages for organizations operating on JIT philosophy are reduced inventories and work in progress, reduced process time, greater employee participation and motivation, increase in productivity, improved products and services quality and improved customer service and commitment.

Quick Response ( QR ) : The basic idea behind QR is that in order to reap the advantages of time based competition it is necessary to develop systems that are responsive and fast. Hence QR is the umbrella term for the information systems and the JIT system that combine to provide The right product in the right place at the right time.QR has been made possible through development of IT and in particular the rise of EDI bar coding, internet services, e-commerce. The main feature of QR system is that by speeding up the processing time the cumulative lead time are reduced.

KAIZEN : Total quality control and quality circles have made deep inroads in Japanese organizations and as per the Japanese practices, the improvement of productivity and services has been reduced to one word KAIZEN. The Kaizen practices are built upon customer orientation, total quality control and quality circles, automations, zero defects, total productive maintenance (TPM) , Kanban, quality improvement, JIT management and labour cooperation, productivity, service and new product development. The underlying message of KAIZEN strategy is NOT A SINGLE DAY SHOULD GO BY WITHOUT ANY KIND OF IMPROVEMENT BEING MADE ANYWHERE IN THE ORGANISATION. Now KAIZEN has become a way of life. first choice.